HRW Raceway

1/10 Mile High Bank D-Shape Track
Red Clay Oval

             WELCOME TO THE SHOW                 THE BEST SHORT TRACK IN                     SOUTHERN KENTUCKY 







   2019 2020

                          2019--2020 Indoor Dates @ Russellville Ky


                                          2019-2020 HRW Indoor
                                         ------Russellville Ky------

                                                    Nov 1-2

                                                    Nov 22-23

                                                   Dec 13-14

                                                  Year 20-20

                                                   Jan 3-4

                                                   Jan 24-25

                                                   Feb 21-22





                                   TRACK PHONE








WE WILL HAVE ANY CLASS at this Race Track

IF THERE IS  3 or More


HRW  Raceway is a family owned and operated track.
You don' t have to drive a kart to have fun, come out and watch these racers.
Kids . . . you can join in on the fun by entering the foot race or a bike race during intermission. This track started out as a small family fun track opened to the public for racing. Take a look around the website and get all the information you need and come out and join us for a night of fun and excitement with go kart racing
 To you, The Racer

To provide the safest, most family oriented facility we possibly can. We have no favorites.
Whether you are national champion or a weekend warrior, you are treated equally.
We realize that there are tracks on every corner, so we try harder to keep your business.  We would be thrilled and would truly appreciate having you at HRW Raceway
David , Tammy & Lee Porter